Creation of the Phynigan's Name

Growing up in Montreal Quebec Canada in the 1970's, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) hosted the children's television show, Mr Dressup.  My favorite puppet character on the show was the dog named Finnegan.

Creation of the Phynigan's Branding

The Phynigan's branding name was created back in 1998 when I attended the Canberra Institute of Technology studying Photography and Creative Arts.

Creative Note: Phynigan's a derivative of Finnegan from the Mr Dressup show.

Phynigan's Website History

Since 2000, has been online sharing photographs, stories, links to interesting stuff and posting family celebrations such as Birthday and Anniversary dates.  

Phynigan's website over the years has been built and maintained using industry leading software applications such as Microsoft FrontPage 98, Dreamweaver, Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal.  

New Phynigan's Website

Starting in March 2016, will be hosted on Zenfolio.  Zenfolio hosting will allow family and friends from around the globe to interact with Phynigan's website to view photographic images.